In the near future we will be able to travel to new planets, to new worlds. New technologies are created literally every day. And the time will come when every new planet will be explored by humans immediately. But what if such research was not only conducted by selected professional cosmonauts, but by ordinary people, or even inquisitive boys?

Let’s imagine such space exploration from the perspective of a little boy. Let’s call him Oliver and let’s get carried away by his adventure on a new unknown planet.
Oliver was incredibly excited when he learned of new technology that allowed humans to fly to nearby planets. Always eager for adventure and exploring new places, he quickly signed up for an expedition to a planet that was said to be full of wild plants, trees, ferns, and various animals. What was his surprise to receive an invitation to an expedition to the planet Kirz in a nearby galaxy.

Oliver packed his backpack, which contained all the necessary necessities for survival on an alien planet. Along the way, he met other adventurers who were just as excited as he was and looking forward to what awaited them.

When they arrived on the planet, Oliver was mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded him. Colorful plants, huge trees and ferns looked like something straight out of a fantasy world. The sounds of animals and birds he did not know seemed mysterious and exotic to him.

However, not everything was as magical as he would have imagined. Mosquito, a huge insect the size of a grown man, was flying around looking for its prey. Oliver suspected that the sting would be very painful and could cause dangerous allergic reactions.

Oliver wanted to learn as soon as possible how to survive on this planet, so he began to search for information about animals and plants. He soon met a large lizard similar to our ancient dinosaurs. He named him Dino. He started showing him and explaining how to survive on the planet, which plants are edible and which are poisonous, and how to avoid Mosquito. Because Dino was a charming dinosaur. He could not speak like we humans do, but Oliver was equipped with an electronic translator for space exploration. So he could understand every sound and gesture of his friend Dino.

Dino was a huge and powerful dinosaur that had golden fur, walked on all fours and had big teeth. However, Oliver was not afraid of him, on the contrary, he was excited to meet such a huge creature. Dino became his guide and together they began to explore the planet.

They traveled for many days, exploring every corner of the planet and discovering new species of animals and plants. Oliver was excited to be the first person to discover and describe these new species.

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